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We are an ICT driven company that designs, builds and supports enterprise web & mobile applications, offers Business Process Management services and proffers IT advisory services such as: e-Commerce initiatives, Point of Sale solution, Customer Relationship Management solutions and other ICT services to customers within West Africa.

We deliver customized solutions to meet the specific business needs of our customers. Our motive is to ensure that all our customers with different business genres have services that are tailored to their needs.

Our slogan “Let’s take you there…” stems from our need to help our customers grow with the ever changing trends in an ICT enabled world and also a need to ensure dynamism in their business. We aim to be with our customers every step of the way. NuSystems is a company that believes strongly in team work. In our case, we see our customers as part of our team. A good man once said that, “team work is the bedrock or foundation of any group, team or business” and this saying is what drives us.

Our Mission

To be the preferred provider of enterprise Web / Mobile applications, IT advisory and other ICT services within West Africa.

Our Vision

To help our customers build enabling environments for their businesses, in order to move with the ever-changing trends in the world of ICT, through the collaborative effort of our innovative and dynamic team.

Our Shared Values (TI2P2)

  • Team Spirit
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
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